Don’t have any plans for tonight? Don’t worry. Hunter helps you to explore and share the events you really care about. We developed Hunter in the need for a tool to help us to explore an unknown city or area. We wanted to craft something we could use everyday in the jungle of thousands of invitations to events, which are too far away to attend. That’s why we created an app to help us, and shared it with you.

Years ago we felt it was time to create something, which helps us to explore the world of events. We know, that there are several online platforms, which does that job, but they are often big, impractical and hard to navigate. We needed something handy and something we could put in our pockets and start exploring the world. At the same time we believe in simple, but effective design. It should help us to experience more. That’s why we created a concept to fit these needs.

Exploring with Hunter is a pretty simple way to go on adventures. We tried our best to make it as effective and user-friendly as we can. That’s why we didn’t include a calendar. Calendars are working tools and this isn’t how we wanted Hunter to be seen. Instead it was important to us, that everyone can use it in the simplest way possible.

Hunter is primarily an event guide, but it also is so much more. We integrated an indirect social platform for people to share their stories, which they experienced at their favorite locations. This indirect communication differs from other social platforms in the way people share their stories. Stories are always connected to locations, which means, you can’t follow a person directly, instead follow a location and receive the adventures people experienced there.

With these simple ingredients we managed to develop an application that allows us to experience adventures, but also go beyond the simple social exchanges. You can now keep in touch with the events that matter most.

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