Squirrel is my Bachelor‘s dissertation which I did at frog design. Frog asked for a software system for their researchers to gather quick insights of probants feelings about special issues, how they use specific objects or how they fulfil varying tasks and how they feel while doing so.

My solution was Squirrel – An all-in-one softwaresystem wich consists of a web portal for setting up and evaluating studies and a mobile application for participants to record their actions and behaviors.
In addition to the necessarily wide range of functionalities that cover all possible use case scenarios for setting up a study, my main goal was to develop a solution that was as usercentric as possible. The meaning of every single functionality was questioned, classified and placed in the most useful way.

The here shown working samples are only a small part of the overall project. The webportal and the mobile application are fully elaborated. The project consits of defined personas, use cases, an application scope, wireframes, hero flows, the exploration of an overal design language, final screen designs as well as a logo and an application icon.

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